What Is Web Hosting? Significance Of Web Hosting

We all might have heard about websites, web addresses, web hosting, and many more related terms. For that, you will have to know the answer to What is web hosting?

But have you ever thought about how it works?

In this article, we are going to discuss and explain what’s the seemingly weird and technical-looking term called ‘web hosting?

what is web hosting

Now let’s move on to understand web hosting in layman terms using an analogy:

Let’s suppose we have a business that involves manufacturing and selling some stuff.

This process can’t be completed by just setting up a manufacturing plant but rather it will require a storehouse as well as an outlet where consumers can buy the stuff depending upon their demand.

The management of that storehouse performs various functions simultaneously such as:

  1. Maintaining the stock of items all the time.
  2. Maintaining the security 
  3. Ensuring the availability and transportation of items at the outlet quickly within the time limit.

Using this analogy we can think of the “business” as a website and the hosting provider as the “storehouse along with its management”.

After all, stuff in web hosting works in a very similar fashion as the example cited above.

What Is Web Hosting In Simple Terms?

“Web hosting refers to a hosting facility on the internet that serves the users by providing their website or application available on the world wide web(www)”.

To understand it more clearly, let us take an example of your computer or mobile memory space where you store your media files like photos, videos, etc. In the same way, web hosting is also a kind of space with some extra technical features where the content of your website remains stored.

How Does The Web Hosting Work, What Are The Technicalities Involved In It?

In order to make a website function as well as make it available on the world wide web 24×7, Hosting providers employ powerful servers or a set of connected servers which store the website’s data in an organized manner after which the specific website or its webpage can be accessed by a user by providing the URL or domain name of that website in the web browser.

After we have understood the basics of web hosting, let’s move on and try to understand what are ways can be taken to get the task of web hosting accomplished;

Now here come the types of web hosting involved in the field of web hosting

Web Hosting Types

We will now discuss the best web hosting types that are commonly used across the world.

types of hosting

Shared Hosting 

As the name itself suggests, this type of web hosting involves sharing of the hosting server’s resources. Although it is the cheapest among all web hosting services it comes with a drawback of a potential slowdown in a case when the other sharers of your hosting server have a frequent spike in website traffic.

Dedicated hosting

When the user has complete administrative control over his/her hosting server although he/she is not the owner of the hosting server, this form of web hosting is called dedicated server hosting. The user also enjoys full service by the web server resources and can personally consume all the benefits dedicated towards him/her.

Since the administrative control is in the hands of the user, he/she is solely responsible for the security and management of the dedicated server.

Virtual private server hosting(virtual dedicated server hosting)

This type of hosting service is typically used when we upgrade to a better hosting service after a shared hosting service, it can be considered as a conjunction of shared and dedicated hosting in a moderate quantity. It provides more control alternatives and customization.

The basic resources like hardware are shared in this type of web hosting among all users, but it allows fewer users to share allocated segments of processor, storage space, and memory.

Cloud hosting

This form of web hosting service involves extensive use of underlying server networks, this comes out to be very useful especially when there is a sudden spike in traffic.

As the data is stored in multiple servers which complementarily increases data security as well as there is no dearth of server resources.

It comes out to be a better alternative to shared and virtual private server hosting as it is more reliable, scalable, cost-effective, and also provides responsive load balancing. It is more flexible than VPS and shared hosting.

Managed hosting

When a hosting company takes control over managing and maintenance of our website’s server, it is called Managed Hosting service.

Generally, the managing company looks after network infrastructure, data security, etc

WordPress hosting

This hosting service is specifically optimized for WordPress users and hence comes with enhanced security for WordPress sites. It usually comes with two options available i.e shared WordPress hosting and managed WordPress hosting.

Major benefits of WordPress hosting include  higher security, faster speed, and up-to-date server

Which Hosting Service To Choose

If it’s an entry-level website with usually low traffic shared hosting proves to be a better option considering the price effectiveness.

For websites that want an upgrade for better service compared to shared hosting, VPS hosting works the best.

When it requires serving huge enterprises where service quality means the most then dedicated hosting is a great option.

Cloud hosting comes out to be most reliable when our website is undergoing accelerated growth and a good web hosting service is required to maintain its usefulness and reputation [If the website is being used for commercial purposes].

Which Hosting Service Provider To Choose

A good hosting provider must be picked after considering the following specialities:

  1. Provides cost-effective packages
  2. Quantity of customers served in the past
  3. User reviews
  4. Page loading speed
  5. Uptime(99.99% is better)
  6. Data Security
  7. Traffic bearing capacity and bandwidth

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The fast past paced ongoing digitalization has made the internet reachable to most parts of the world.

Either it is a small business, individuals or large corporate houses, in order to make them flourish in their respective fields. 

Digital Entities like websites play an important role and good web hosting is the corresponding and interlinked part of it.

Poor web hosting means low uptime, high page loading time, lesser reliability, data breaches, etc.

These factors decrease the reputation of a good website and repel the necessary traffic thereby decreasing the underlying purpose of the website.

This speaks volumes about how good a web hosting service is important.

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