Cloudways Affiliate Program Review 2022: How Much Money You Can Make?

The Cloudways affiliate program pays up to 125$ per lead you can convert. You will still need to read my article to know how, where, and when this can happen for you.

Cloudways is a hosting service provider that is mostly considered by experts. You need some decent experience to host a WordPress site. Cloudways make it easier. It takes care of your backup, security, uptime and a lot more.

Check out their free 3 days trial to experience the capabilities. Take it for a spin. Let me know about your experience with Cloudways.

cloudways affiliate program review

Because I know you wouldn’t get disappointed. I say that confidently.

Know About Cloudways

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform. It has a lot to offer to its users. Unlike other hosting companies that flood the market, you get to choose the servers here. I usually choose what is cost-effective for me.

cloudways web hosting affiliate program

If I am given these many choices would definitely try to explore my options.

Cloudways comes with DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultur, Aws, and Google Cloud. These are some of the most powerful cloud-based servers the world has. Cloudways come with different planning systems attached to them. 

The cheapest plan starts at 10$ a month and is offered with DigitalOcean. Though AWS and Google Cloud sound so much better because of their positioning in the market. You have to understand that they might get a little heavy on your pocket.

My recommendation would be to try Cloudways with DigtalOcean. It is as promising as the others. The customer service is great. Its usage is highly user-friendly. And this one is affordable, and won’t burn a hole in my pocket. 

Term Affiliate Program

Before we understand the Cloudways affiliate program let’s understand the terminology. 

Affiliation is a marketing strategy. The companies grow by using their affiliates and the affiliates grow by contributing to the company’s growth. It creates a win-win situation for the business and its affiliate partners.

To understand how this works let us consider Mr.X. loves to eat at a specific cafe, say, CafeCupCake or CCC. CCC offers Mr. X an affiliate program with them. Mr. X Joins it.

Now, Mr. X uses his networking skills and promotes CCC. CCC starts getting more customers. Customers tell CCC that they were referred by Mr.X.

Mr. X gets a commission on every customer who eats at CCC.

Simple and convenient, right…?

Cloudways Affiliate Program

Now that you know what an affiliate is, we can talk about the Cloudways affiliate program. A company like Cloudways that offers hosting services loves its affiliate partners. They are the people who have already used its services.

And now want to earn some money by becoming their affiliate partners. 

You can not sell something you do not believe in. Or maybe you can, I would not. You will have to have that trust in the product. I can vouch for Cloudways because I have used their services and am working as their affiliate partner.

There is steady income here. The cookie time being 90 days gives a better chance of a conversion. They also provide you with an efficient tracking system so you can check your return on investment of your advertising costs.

Let’s talk about money now. 

The Money Talk on Cloudways Affiliate Program

Want a passive income source that is reliable? Head to Cloudways affiliate program. Just, do not forget to use Cloudways services before you register as their affiliate partner.

There are two models of payment on Cloudways for the affiliate program.

Slab Model

The amount you will receive is pretty much fixed here.

slab model of payment

The slab model in Cloudways Affiliate program has 5 slabs. Talking about the first four-

  • 1-5 customers        – 50$per conversion
  • 6-20 customers      – 75$per conversion
  • 21-45 customers  – 100$per conversion
  • 46-80 customers  – 125$per conversion

If you are able to sell more than this you will become a Super Affiliate. You will need to contact [email protected] if this wonderful situation arises. 

Hybrid Model

The amount is not fixed like in the previous model

hybrid model of payment in cloudways

This plan gives you a flat 30$per sale plus an additional 7% recurring commission on all active customers that you provide

The amount differs with the different parameters you apply in your customised affiliate program. You can estimate your earnings yourself by visiting this page

They have an income generator. You can change the number of customers, choose from different providers, and select a different plan to get different results. This will help you in calculating your income. 

Also, you can switch between these plans anytime.

Ways to Grow as a Cloudways Affiliate

There are different ways that you might consider growing as an affiliate partner with Cloudways. Some of them are given over here. You could be-

  • An online marketer who deals with WordPress themes, and plugins. You can promote their services over there.  
  • The owner of a self-hosted web platform. You can create an informative blog about them. 
  • The freelancers or agencies working for clients. You can recommend your clients the Cloudways hosting services.
  • An educator who can teach to build a website using Cloudways.

Or you could be all of these, who knows, right?

Steps To Apply On Cloudways Affiliate Program

The steps to becoming a Cloudways affiliate are easy. Just like becoming an affiliate partner with a renowned company. There is some basic information that is required to be filled in.

  • Log in on their website
  • Click on the grid in the toolbar (next to Projects)
  • Select Affiliate Program
  • Create your profile
  • Access your Affiliate Panel
  • Save all the changes there
  • Find the Affiliate Link 

They have a clear guide on how you can become a Cloudways affiliate. Check this out if you face any issues. If any problem still persists you can reach their team at [email protected] 

There is no waiting time to join over here


Who can become a Cloudways affiliate?

Literally anybody. If you are someone who connects with the web industry in any way, this can be a way for you to earn a lot of money. Treading carefully would be advised.

What help is offered to the affiliates?

Cloudways has a team that is dedicated to its affiliates. If you need to study resources, they offer free libraries, SEO tips, content ideas, and a lot more.

Summary: CloudWays Affiliate Program

The idea behind creating this article was to give you a fair review of the Cloudways affiliate program. It is one of the best affiliate programs one can invest their time in. It offers steady returns. In all Cloudways is a name you can count on.

Keep in mind the more effort you put in the better will be the returns. Hope you find this information valuable, will be waiting to hear from you in the comment section below.

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