Best Nintendo Switch Black Friday Deals 2023

Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals are still among the most common offers in November and this has definitely not been impeded by last year’s stock problems.

Although competition for bundles was more fierce than normal, even after months of low inventory levels after the increase in demand, we have seen quite a few deals on the shelves.

This year, even if bundles are slow to return to the shelves, the stock already looks much better. But we are confident that a lot of this year’s Black Friday switch offers will be up for grabs – and here we display everything that you can hope for.

nintendo switch black friday deals

But the stores used to keep the major event when it came to the Nintendo Switch.

Since the pandemic has dropped demand around the roof, the console is largely unavailable, with both the US and the UK struggling to secure an expenditure.

Nintendo Switch Black Friday Console Deals

When the Nintendo Switch of £230 we saw sold out in Tesco, Aldi and ShopTo, it wasn’t that many last year’s Nintendo Switch offers over Black Friday.

Sure, good deals still existed, but mostly there were regular Switch consoles with games or gift cards.

The Nintendo Switch Lite bundle is a long time stuck with Animal Crossing and Switch Online. The price of £180 wasn’t good, but at £200 it was still quite reasonable.

This is usually what you would have to pay by yourself for a Switch Lite!

We could see Nintendo looking to move some of the older consoles more aggressively this year with rumours about new Switch hardware already going around (even though it isn’t due to release in 2023).

A lot of dealers will be looking for PS5 stock and Xbox Series X stock, so is Nintendo going to have to go the mile to stand out for this?

Nintendo Switch Black Friday Game Deals

In first-party games, Nintendo still plays safely, so we don’t expect anything more than the regular digital titles at 33 per cent off, but major discounts in third-party games will most certainly appear.

Nintendo switch black Friday deals

As a number of the biggest matches of these last years, we’ll be looking for offers on the Crossing of animals New Horizons, Super Mario 3D World, and Breath of the Wild, particularly the latter sequel.

Some of the biggest launches of this year, including Pokémon Snap and Skyward Sword HD, are likely to be cut off, but we are going to keep an eye on an offer.

Nintendo Switch Deals 

Nintendo Switch retails for $299 (with an extended battery). In 2019, the console was launched with an enhanced battery.

The new battery is no longer 6.5 like its predecessor but takes up to 9 hours. (You can see from your packaging the new console: a red backdrop of the revamped Nintendo Switch Box).

But Switch’s demand made it almost difficult to find Switch offers. That said, for less than the list price you will never see this sale.

Not all hope, however, is lost. Retailers like Amazon and Walmart also sell a free game or credit switching pack. If you are looking for switch deals on the console, these are your best choices.

Nintendo Switch Lite Deals

Option of the Editor Retail for the $199 Nintendo Switch Lite. It is smaller, lighter, and more compact than the conventional switch.

We love the lovely, comfortable construction of the Switch Lite, decent life battery, and stellar library of games. The Lite Switch is available in grey, turquoise, and yellow colours.

The Switch Lite is marginally easier to find in stock, contrary to the Nintendo switch. The Switch Lite is generally available in different colours in Best Buy, Amazon, and GameStop.

When it comes to dealing with Switch Lite — foresee no one. Amazon had a $20 Amazon loan bundled for $199 last month.

That’s as good as these days Nintendo Switch offers. You must wait for better deals until Prime Day.

GreenGeeks Black Friday Deals will save up to 70% of your money in the domain.

Nintendo Switch Micro SD Deals

If you’re part of a lot of games to install, you may want to punch your memory dramatically. Nintendo Switch is a genius console.

Fortunately, with the Switch, it’s extremely simple and pretty cheap to do and you can increase your memory using any MicroSD card.

Here are all the best MicroSD offers for the Nintendo Switch that we might find if there are actually any.

Nintendo Switch Subscription Deals

You would also want to take seriously the possibility of a Nintendo Switch Online membership if you have a Nintendo switch so you can use all of the main multiplayer features that can be found in games like Animal Crossing, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Splatoon, etc.

The pass offers a lot of advantages, such as free cloud storage, games, and a whole host of other useful features.

Online players can save your skin if you ever lose or have to change your computer. Save clouds can be some of the best deals in the world when you switch online.

In addition, it is an activity all gamers should be part of at some point to play online with their mates or against new ones.

Nintendo Switch Accessories Deals

The best Nintendo Switch accessories will convert what is now probably the best games console out there. 

Sure, the Nintendo Switch doesn’t have the graphics of the Xbox Series X, but it does have fun in spades.

Only add to that a stack of nice Switch accessories. What else will you find like Nintendo Labo or Mario Kart Live for innovative works?

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers

The Nintendo Switch Pro controllers are perfect for single players, but you would like to pick up some extra Joy-Cones controllers to game with a few buddies.

If you do not want the Joy-Con controller to buy a condition for entering your homes, you will be short if the next time a few buddies show up, you will have the opportunity to participate in a multiplayer game.

Brook Power Bay

The Brook Power Bay does not only look like an inexpensive GameCube (hello, nostalgia), but also includes a pleasant selection of features.

It will load and output your console onto a large screen TV via HDMI (doing all this safely without fear of bricking your console like some similar alternatives fall foul of).

The Brook Power Bay has two integrated GameCube controller ports for Super Smash Bros fans and wireless audio support for Bluetooth headsets.

It may not have a Nintendo approval seal and may feel rather plastic, but we have fallen in love with it with its lower pricing and wider range of features.


Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals are definitely strong, but we have found offers that can balance them throughout the year.

In general, prices in November can be marginally lower, but they can fly particularly quickly from the shelves with only a few standing sales.

A few sales bring games and accessories into the recommended console price in November and it is true that over the course of the year this is a rare occurrence.

The price of bundles will however be only 10$ – 30$ – 30€ (where stock allows) for the whole year, so if you find an offer you want you to have little time to wait – as long as you remain close to the normal retail price.

There is little need to wait!

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