How To Start A Blog? A Practical Guide By Experienced Blogger

Do you know how to start a blog in 2023? Do you know you can start a blog yourself from scratch without anyone’s help? Yes, this guide will help you with this.

If you have got an idea or a message do you want to communicate?
Is there a topic you are interested in and you want to build a community around it?

A blog might help you accomplish these things in the form of informing, educating, promote.

how to start a blog

Some of the reasons why people create a blog are:

  1. To be creatively expressive
  2. To enhance expertise skills and build one’s own audience
  3. To establish writing and thinking skills
  4. To be self-employed and have growth in income

1. How To Choose A Niche Topic For A Blog?

Before you jump in and start writing, research and planning are the key differences between a niche blog and any other blog. It is just more than the decision to “start a blog” and lets you decide “ start a blog about ..”

  1. Know your passion: If you don’t like fruits and decide to write a niche blog on fruits that would end up a terrible idea. Even if liking fruits well enough might still not be enough. Niche blogging involves writing heavily about a very focused topic. So if you don’t have a passionate fire and interest in the niche that will be heavy and difficult enough.
  2. Long-term or Short-term: The niche blogs that are in trend don’t last more but they’re profitable. If your niche topic is on a TV show or movie and when the show is no longer on the air or the movie has faded your blog might not be trending. But if you are ready and capable to capitalize on every last drop of it before it fades out, then your entire blog exists by capitalizing on the trend.
  3. Monetizing niche blogs: Some people write niche blogs for the absolute love for the topic, however, some people hope to bring in money as niche blogs uniquely handle advertising and affiliate marketing. Select a topic that attracts a specific audience and has advertisers ready to market them.
  4. Keyword niche: Just selecting a niche topic won’t be enough, if you have selected the topic vegetables, it is still a broad concept – are you talking about growing vegetables?seasonal vegetable? Leafy vegetable? Buying vegetable? Cooking vegetable? For your niche blog to bring in money and traffic, you might find the keywords to your niche.

2. Choose A Blogging Platform

Once you are determined to select a topic you want to write on, you can now look for the blogging platforms where you can present the same and determine the blogging management software you are going to use.

As of now, WordPress Software is the most popular technology for blogging. With its WordPress Content Management System ( CMS), you can set up a blog and run it using your own domain and web hosting. 

bloging plateform

The actual blogging software is free and you can be in full charge of its content.

1. What About Free Blogging Sites?

The temptation to start a new blog for new bloggers using free hosted platforms such as Blogger or Tumblr is common.

However, there are certain limitations to the same:

  1. Your blog sets as a sub-domain. Eg: “”.
  2. You will be subject to their rules and regulations.

2. Costing To Start A Blog

With platforms providing a one-year hosting plan, however, it varies according to the plan.

Hostinger plans features for single, premium, and business.

costing to start a blog

3. Domain Name And Start Blog Hosting

‘In order to start a blog, you need to decide on a domain name and web hosting.’

1. Choosing A Domain

No matter what niche topic you choose, you will be known by the name of your domain. It is your blog’s unique address on the Internet.

Considerations before choosing a blog name:

  1. Short, catchy, easily pronounced, 
  2. Easy combinations of your first and last name

The general rule is to get a “.com” Domain but some of the other extensions are also popular such as “.net” or “.blog”.

Tools like Bluehost also help in choosing a name for your Domain.

choosing a domain

2. Choosing A Web Hosting Service

In the process of starting a blog, selecting a reliable hosting provider is one of the important steps.

You are dependable on your blog hoster for the functionality and performance of your site. It is the host that makes sure that your blog is available for potential readers 24/7. Also, it is a place where your content and files are stored online.

4. Starting A Blog With WordPress Software

You need to start with a Web Hosting Account and Install WordPress CMS

  1. You need to go to the Website and select your hosting plan first.
  2. You set up your Domain-Name and register with all your required information
  3. You are then ready to create your account.

5. Write And Publish Blogs

As far as your framework is ready as establishing a blog Domain Name, Choosing a blog hosting site. Depending on your needs you can decide what pages bloggers use: 

In order to write quality and great content blogs:

  1. Point -Starting with the topic you are covering
  2. Prove – Give examples of the topic you are writing
  3. Perform – Execute in a simple way

6. Optimization For Search Engines

The process that website owners use to get traffic to their web pages from search engines such as (GOOGLE) is Search Engine Optimization.

The minimum you have to do for your blog post or pages are:

  1. Keyword Optimization
  2. SEO meta tags

7. Tips For New Bloggers

Some of the most important tips for new bloggers you will find below:

  1. Commitment with consistency
  2. Starting with low competition keywords
  3. Interacting in the comments section
  4. Promoting on social media platforms
  5. Using SEO platforms for improving online visibility and discovering insights like SEMrush
  6. The top 5 blogging platforms where you can start are :
    • Blogger
    • Medium
    • Tumblr
    • Wix
    • WordPress


How do I find a profitable niche for my blog?

Once you have selected a topic of your interest, do market research, and check out on competition with the help of SEO tools.

Is blogging expensive?

Starting a self-hosting blog is not expensive. But with certainly paid platforms choosing a Domain may cost you minimal.

Is blogging a good idea in 2023?

Yes, blogging has more scope in 2023 and coming years than earlier but there is tough competition also which you have to fight by providing extraordinary information on your blog.

Summary: How to Start A Blog From Scratch

With commitment, promoting on social media sites, and creating quality content is a professional way of introducing your ideas, products, and business to the world. Blogging being a public act will put you in the spotlight and gain attention for your words.

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