GreenGeeks Affiliate Program Review 2023 – How Much You Can Earn

People might tell you that you do not have to do a lot to earn as an affiliate. They are liars. There is no such thing as free money. Writers invest their years in writing one book before they start earning that royalty amount.

greengeeks affiliate program review

I hope that you are getting my point here.

greengeeks affiliate program

Writing a GreenGeeks affiliate program review gives me joy. Why? Because becoming an affiliate with Greengeeks was a sound decision I made 5 years ago. After using their hosting services for over a period of 6 months made me realise its potential. 

One can earn up to 100$ per month by becoming a GreenGeeks affiliate partner. Or 3000 USD if you could send one referral daily. That is a whopping amount. Right?

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Let’s Learn About GreenGeeks

greengeeks black friday

Not many are aware of internet pollution, it is a real concern. Based in the US GreenGeeks is an eco-friendly green hosting service provider. It purchases renewable energy credits to power its servers.

It is one of the best web hosting service providers I have come across. The different hosting services it provides include WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, reseller web hosting, and virtual private server hosting

greengeeks pricing

Their basic monthly plan of WordPress hosting starts from 2.95$. Which is pretty affordable if we compare it to other hosting service providers. 

What Do They Offer

They offer a hosting platform for an amazing hosting experience for your websites. That includes a brilliant storage system that loads the pages fast with maximum redundancy. The latest tech in speed with MariaDB, PHP7 and more. Their built-in scalability comes in handy. 

They keep your websites secure, provide account isolation, daily backups, an uptime guarantee of 99.99%, useful resources, and 24x7x365 team support. Pretty much everything you need. On top of that everything is beginners friendly.

Increase Your Sales as a Greengeeks Affiliate

There are some decent ways to increase your sales as a GreenGeeks Affiliate.

Landing page and Funnel system 

It is alright if you do not have a website of your own. You can start by creating a landing page aka a standalone web page and creating a sales funnel. Make it specifically for GreenGeeks.This can help you start your affiliate marketing. 

Start a Blog

This is free. A lot of people increase their sales as affiliate partners by creating blogs. Keep the content original, valuable to your audience, search engine optimized, and viola! You will see the change you were intending to look for.

Promote on YouTube

A lot of business gets promoted via YouTube. People often check out Youtube videos about the product before buying them.

Use it for your advantage, put your affiliate links over there. Promote the services genuinely. That would help you a lot.


Always remember that if there is a product there can be a market for it too. People are selling air, good lord. Create an eBook with all the information about the product you can put in. Learn digital marketing. The ways are simplified nowadays.

Quick View on Affiliate Marketing

Did you know that affiliate marketing makes 15% of total revenue in digital marketing? That is how big this market is. Not just that, it is expected to grow by 10% by next year. 

Surprised yet?

Affiliates earn commissions on their referral links. Since almost everything happens online, tracking enables the calculation of the exact number of referrals who buy the product.

Make Money with Greengeeks Affiliate Program

The payment system followed at GreenGeeks for their affiliate program is almost fixed and simple to understand.

make money with greengeeks affiliate program

The commissions are based on slab rates.

1 sale a month   – 50$ per sale
2 sales a month – 60$ per sale
3 sales a month – 70$ per sale
4 sales a month – 80$ per sale
5 sales a month – 90$ per sale
6 sales a month – 100$ per sale

On making over 10 sales a month you get a custom rate. 

GreenGeeks has paid over a 3.5million USD in the affiliate program since 2008.

How To Apply For GreenGeeks Affiliate Program

Signing up for the GreenGeeks affiliate program is easy. Sign up here.

apply in greengeeks affiliate program

It would require you mere 5 minutes to fill in the account details. Along with that, you will be required to fill in your address details where you will receive the payment. 

Important things to note– The tracking cookie stays for 90 days. This gives enough time to convert the deals. Payment reaches in 5-6 business days. For further details, you can check out their terms and conditions

FAQs About GreenGeeks Affiliate Program

Can I, being an Indian, register in the program?

Yes, GreenGeeks are providing their services in India. Many Indian affiliates have worked with GreenGeeks for a long time now.

Is it worth it?

GreenGeeks affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs for 2023. There is a lot of money you can earn from this program. As said earlier, one can earn over 3000 USD if one can provide one referral daily.

What are the payment methods used by GreenGeeks?

The payment methods used by GreenGeeks are PayPal or wire transfer aka direct transfer methods to pay commissions to its affiliate partners. These are widely accepted payment methods that are easy to use, safe and secure.

Where can I contact the Greengeeks team?

The GreenGeeks team is very supportive. They sit for you round the clock so they can support you. You can reach out to the GreenGeeks team via email at [email protected].


It is easy and free of cost to register as a Greengeeks affiliate partner. Since the product, and the services they offer are of excellent quality the conversion rate is quick.

As an affiliate partner for GreenGeeks, if you can manage 6 sales a month, you get 600 USD that month

Managing that many sales mean you need good and relevant traffic on your site. Which can be achieved if worked rightly. In all, the GreenGeeks affiliate program is a pretty decent program one can register in.

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